Okmulgee County heir

I inherited some land in Okmulgee County in 1995 along with some other relatives. This all went through probate and my relatives told me not to worry because they would get everything straightening and let me know what to donext. Now It is all of these years later and I finally go down there to see what happened. They had no record of the final assessment but they said that mypaper work looks legit. I think that grandfathers wife never finalized the paperwork. I have found that she and a few others were on leases without the rest of us. I put in a notice that I wanted to try to get upset if I still could and I have them notice. Now I don’t know what else to do. I can’t afford an attorney up front. Do I need affidavits orsomething?I also think she left a bunch of things out when she reported let to the court.

I made a few mistakes. I didn’t mean upset. I meant I want ed to get my part of I still could. Sorry, I am new to this.

The interest are on Land descriptions ; S26 T13N R12E, S1 T12N R12E Okmulgee County Oklahoma.

S26 T13N R12E only 2 wells are still in production since 1995 and depending upon which quarter section you are in, they may not involve you. Very shallow wells and very low production. GOMACO Operating Company is the Operator. One well had about 3000 total barrels and the other had about 5000 total barrels. May not be worth your time. Gladys wells.

S1 T12N R12E A horizontal well was drilled in 2016 by Newfield with a surface location in 1, but the perforations are in section 6-12N-12E, so no payments to your family. Another well is in the SE quarter. Very low production and if your acreage is not in the SE4, it does not pertain to you.

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