Okmulgee County Activity, Sec 5/T11N/R13E

Is there is any leasing activity going on in Okmulgee County? My dad had mineral rights on 40 acres that he had leased back in 2003 to Jay Petroleum for 3 years. He is now deceased. I was just wondering if there would be any interest now. I’m new at this and not sure where to begin. I guess the first thing would be to get these rights into my mother’s name. Do I start with a lawyer or do I need to go to the courthouse first? Any advice would be appreciated.

Most times a Land Professional will search, see he is deceased then check for a spouse. Filing an Affidavit in the county referencing the legal description will work too.

The counties cannot give legal advice but can direct you to records that you must then decipher

This will usually enable you to lease, but a AOH must be on file 10 years with nothing contrary filed thereafter to provide “marketable title”. Most companies will eventually require a probate to begin paying royalties (unless they are tiny)