Oklahoma Taxes

I have mineral rights in one Oklahoma County. Only Oil is being removed, not Gas. The Payer in Tulsa deducts 7% from the oil purchased. I have searched many times but can't find the answer to this question. Is 7% tax correct in the State of Oklahoma. Additional second question. Is severance tax and gross production tax the same in Oklahoma?

Thanks for any reply

The answer is maybe. The top tax rate was 7% for a while. In recent times (since 2004, horizontals were taxed at 2% for 46 months. New law in 2015 that is very low for 36 months and then it escalates. I do not know what tax they should be paying, but you can call the Oklahoma tax commission and they can explain it to you. Ok also withholds state income tax on out of state owners, and you have to file a nonresident income tax to claim a refund if any. Prod and sev tax are usually the same as they are levied as the resources are severed from the property.

Go to this site https://www4.oktax.onenet.net/GrossProduction/gp_PublicSearchPUNbyLegal.php . Choose to search by Legal, then enter Section, Township, and Range. Search and then choose the well name. Lots of information about your well, as reported to the Okla Tax Commission.