Oklahoma - Signing bonus and well completion filing?

How long does the oil company have to send a pooling bonus check?? They received my W-9 on June 13th. The original company has sold all there wells and intrests in Garfield and Kingfisher counties in Oklahoma to another company. They have just finished fracking the well. How long after fracking will the official drill completion papers be filed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pooling Bonus - 35 days from the date of the order. You should have submitted the W9 with the election.

Well completion report: “Operator shall furnish a complete well record on Form 1002A within 60 days after completion of operations to drill” What you are calling finished fracking may or may not be the completion of the well.

But it is not posted as soon as it is submitted. It is posted after it has been approved. That can take some time.


Rick I had a signed lease and then they pooled the rest of the 640 acres. What should I do if the 35 days are past. I called longfellow energy and they said that they had sent the information to S.K. Nemaha who they sold out to and they should be issuing the check. Thanks for the help!!

Explain more on how you were leased and pooled.
Did your lease only cover part of the section and had no Mother Hubbard clause? Then the pooled the rest and you were named in the subsequent pooling order? Or did your lease expire before “operations commenced”?

If you are 100% sure you are due funds from a pooling order and they are overdue, I would contact the attorney’s office that handled the pooling order and inquire there. If you don’t have it in a few days or think you didn’t get anywhere, I would file a complaint with the OCC. Pooling bonus is one of the few areas that the OCC has any oversight of payments.

My original lease was in June 2013. It was a 3 year with 2 yr extension option. They extended the lease till June 2018. The original order was in october 19, 2015 for cause# 201504754 order #647616 then June 1st order#678592. The well was spud before the lease ran out. The surface hole in in 7-20n-06w. The landing and bottom hole is in 8-20n-06w. Thanks API# is 04725145. Thanks for the help!! Gregg Winchester

The only way you would be owed a pooling bonus is if your lease covered less of the unit than the polling order did. Unlikely, but possible. And I don’t see you listed in the pooling order.

Ok thank you!!

Rick, is it good or bad I am not pooled??

This thread is in a general area, so let’s clarify for others the information in this tread is specific to Oklahoma.

They often pool smaller tracts of property together to form a spaced unit to produce from. But that differs from “forced pooling”.

Forced Poolng in Oklahoma brings unleased, unfound, and often unknown owners into the equivilant of a lease. This is done through a regulatory process at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

Basically you are either leased or force pooled. There are more complex variations when a lease does not cover all areas, horizontally or vertically. But those are exception to the more simple leased or force pooled determination.