Oklahoma Oil and Gas Interest Owners and Deductions -very interesting

Not endorsing any sales pitch at the bottom, but this article addresses the important points minerals owners need to know.


Hi @M_Barnes I haven’t been able to open the link posted here. I have quite a few leases that specifically state No Deductions, but the operator continues to take Other Deducts of 10-20%. I previously sent letters to the various operators, but still no response or change has occurred. Have you had any luck with this, and if so how do you recommend I proceed? I have thought about adjusting the language of my request and sending certified return receipt, calling a certain department, or reaching out to a lawyer. Thank you in advance!

Sorry, the website automatically opens the link instead of just showing it. I am going to try to fake it out. “oklahomaminerals.com/production-oklahoma-oil-gas-interest-owners/

Try the blue type inside the quotes.

The deductions that are allowed are the taxes. Check you lease and make sure it doesn’t have the sneaky “however” clause at the end of the “no deductions” clause. That “however” puts the deductions right back in. You may need to reach out to an attorney. I always try the certified mail return receipt method first.

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