Oklahoma Oil and Gas Drilling--12/04/2012


Thanks for posting this Clint!


You're welcome. I was going to post the court dockets for next week but they haven't been released yet. Maybe tomorrow. I always enjoy reading your posts. I'll bet you're the life of a party. Have a good week. And an early Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Clint Liles

Thanks for the compliment but Im not much of a party animal! lol Preston and I have laughed about when we were the younger couple and went to the AOSC (Asso. of Oilwell Servicing Contractors) Christmas Parties we were usually the first ones to leave telling everyone we had to get home because the kids were with a babysitter. Now if we go to a party we are usually some of the first to leave because "us old folks gotta get our rest and we don't see as well to drive after dark"! lol But we love people and hope that ole wheel turns both ways! Hope you and yours have a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Clint...I just posted some things on the Stephens Co. Group that P. heard this morning that might be of interest to your readers but I'll touch on it here again. Man told P. that XTO guy said they were going to have 50 rigs working in Oklahoma as soon as they could get them. Same man told P. that down around Ringling (I don't know the county for them) that there were just "trucks and train loads of oil down there". Friend said you should see the huge facility XTO has built at Springer (north of Ardmore). He said it was about like the Halliburton Facility at Duncan! They are getting serious about this thing, aren't they??? Have a Blessed Day!

At 10:30 CT this morning is suppose to start the Newfield (NFX) Investor Day Conference! If it's like the Continental one it will take several hours but it was VERY interesting!