Oklahoma Mineral Rights Owner Registry

Old questions, 2020 Edition.

My girlfriend owns Mineral Rights in Stephens County. Township 32-2 South, Range 4 West. She is not at all interested in Selling unless there is a strong possibility these interests will be worth nothing in the near future. Previous Leases have expired and we have no indication any entity is Leasing at this time.

She gets now only occasional solicitations to Purchase her interest (Aegis sends her about 3 such solicitations each year but very few others now).

My usual questions about whether there is known activity in this section, whether Leases are or expected to become more prevalent and (1 more!) why would any company be contacting her to Sell if there was no expectation of something good in the near or distant future?

New question: once a year the Oklahoma Mineral Rights Owner Registry reaches out to her suggesting she pay their $42.00 Annual Fee for her to receive “updated information on file”. What do they do and is that Fee (no matter how reasonable) worth it for those of us far far away from Stephens County?

Thanks in advance and please everyone stay safe.

Michael on behalf of Diana

Run away. Run away. Danger Will Robinson. Mineral Rights Registry is a big time SCAM. Landmen use court house records and that is where MRR gets their information. I have turned them in to the BBB but nothing happens. Run by a bunch of crooked lawyers in downtown OKC. AGAIN, DON’T SEND THEM A DIME.


Michael, that’s $42 down the drain, if anyone wants to lease or buy they will find her. Any offer to buy is just about garunteed to be rock bottom looking for a steal. As mineral owners we just have to wait it out. The offers I got to buy were at all time highs last year, today even producing interests are worth very little.

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Good advice - Stay away

The official repository of information is the county clerk’s office, not the Registry. Landmen go to the county clerk’s office. Title opinions go through the clerk’s office.

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