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I signed my lease with a company in Ardmore, who leased to XTO.

Does the company in Ardmore have lease or XTO?

I am new to the forum. I also applied for the Roger Mills County forum among others. For some reason I have not been approved, so I am asking a Roger Mills question here on the overall forum.n I have interests in Roger Mills Range 24, Township 13N, sections 24. 26, 33 and 36. Can anyone tell me of current drilling activity, proposed activity, etc. in these areas. I will very appreciate any information anhyone is kind enough to offer. Hugh Williamson

Hi Hugh, I also am fairly new to the forum. Not sure why you were not approved for the Roger Mills County forum, but I recommend trying again. May have just been a temporary glitch.

I did not see any recent filings/activity at the OCC for the sections you mentioned. Here are a couple of links if you want to check it out.

http://occeweb.com/Orawebapps/OCCOraWebAppsone.html (Note the instructions for first time use.)

http://imaging.occeweb.com/ (I mostly use the "Oil and Gas Well Records Forms" link.)

Welcome and good luck with your minerals.

Thank you for your reply, Don. I am most sppreciative.


Keep trying to join the Roger Mills Group. Gaylon has a tendency to fall asleep at the wheel and not pay attention that folks are trying to join the Roger Mills group. It took several weeks before I got aboard. And welcome to Mineral Rights Forum and to Roger Mills Group when you get approved.

Clint Liles

Thank you so much, Clint. I am most appreciative. Hugh Williamson

Just tried by going to Roger Mills again. It says I am pending and there appears to be no way to reapply. Guess I'll just have to wait....


I just sent Gaylon a friends request and a message about folks wanting to join. Maybe he will respond shortly. Good luck.

Clint Liles

Again, thank you very much, Clint.

Anyone heard of Mayhawk Energy of Norman or Eric Hawkins, the President? Had any financial dealings with them? They wrote to us out of the blue about our Oklahoma mineral rights. Please respond ASAP. --Marilyn and Jim


If you post your question to the county where your mineral interest is located, you will probably get more responses.

Marilyn - From what I see from the filings at the Grady County Clerk's Office, Mayhawk sells mineral deeds on the same day they buy them. I bet they make money when they do it.

I just mentioned Grady County because that is where I live. Mayhawk is active in several states according to their website.


  1. Many thanks, Don and Daniel. Interesting that they buy and sell the same day, like stockbrokers. Anyone had dealings with Aegis, which appears to do the same thing and is active in OK?

Any activity in McClain Cty. ?

Does anyone have a good contact number for Aegis in Oklahoma or elsewhere? I tried the Colorado number on their website and it answered as a different firm. The Colorado secretary of state has no listing for Aegis Energy. Help? - Marilyn


I have three numbers taken from a recent letter.



Cell 303-257-4179

Email kmfoster@AegisEnergyPartners.com

Thank you, William!

Marilyn, this is your cousin Bob Watson. Give me acall or email me @ bobwatson1@aol.com . Have lost contact with you guys. We leased the school house pasture known as sec 18-2N-5W to apache. You want see my name on the leases as I have given all my Oklahoma to Dan and Melody.Hope you are doing OK Bob