Oklahoma Mineral Owner Registry question

Martha, I received a letter from the Oklahoma Mineral Owner Registry indicating I should join it. Is this legitimate? Hold I do it and, if so, why? Thank you!!

I was at a landman gathering a few years back. In the room were landmen who were in-house with a company, others ran broker/land businesses, and others were field landmen. I asked the room if anybody had ever used Mineral Owner Registry. Not one single person raised their hand. I then asked if they knew of anybody who had ever used the Oklahoma Mineral Owner Registry. Nobody raised their hand to that either. I don’t believe you will receive $42 of value in signing up for the service.

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No- it is a scam & a sham. Save your money. They do nothing for you. The only place you need to make sure you have your correct information so landmen can contact you is at the County Clerk’s office in the county(s) where your minerals are located.


If your address is up to date with the land records, the interested parties will find you. If not a simple affidavit could accomplish this.

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Thank you! I’ll throw it away!!

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