Oklahoma Ellis and Harper

Hello all, Recently found out that I have some minerals in Harper and Ellis counties of Oklahoma. I know the land descriptions but not how many mineral acres? How would I go about finding this information? Also, what are these mineral acres leasing for and at what % royalty and what are purchase prices of these at this time if one were to sell? Appreciate the input.

Welcome to the forum. Go to the source that told you that you had minerals. Was it a probate or other document? Many times the document gives the information. If a landman or company has contacted you, ask them what they have shown for you.

You could start with www.okcountyrecords.com and use the ancestor’s name to see what you can find. It is free to look and a nominal amount to print. I use the Advanced Search option. The online documents only go back a few decades depending upon the county.

You may have to hire a landman to search the title.

Your other questions are very site specific so cannot answer at this time.

thank you for the direction. the Ellis county minerals are in sections 12, 15, 14 and 21 … is that helpful?

You need to add the Township & Range.

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You will probably not end up with a title opinion from this forum. One cannot rely upon legal descriptions alone to determine your net mineral acreage. Like M_Barnes suggested, be sure that your information is filed with the counties.

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