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Just joined the website! I hold mineral rights to 80 acres @ SW/4 34-13N-1E. I have had an offer to lease and did a counter offer but the land services gentleman has not responded in over a month. Should I recontact him or wait for a response?

I hold mineral rights to 12 acres 2-T12N-R1E. I know there are producing wells in the area with several new wells drilled on County Line (Pottawatomie Rd) from NE 63rd down to NE 23rd. Received a lease offer, what is the common bonus in this area?

Any activity around Section 5 14N 1E?

I get a little activity around Taylor #1 and #2 each year. Anyone know of new wells going down in the area?

Does anyone know which company is most active in drilling in Oklahoma County?

@wschweer, I've seen a lot of activity from New Dominion in OK CO. Not sure about anyone else.

W Schweer,

Definitely Stephens and Johnson Operating are the busiest operator in Oklahoma County since January 1, 2013.

Clint Liles

Does anyone know someone that could do a quick title search in the Oklahoma county courthouse. I need to find the document giving ownership in an ORRI.


Are ORRI always filed of record?

Always or they dont transfer title.

Makes sense. Thanks, Dirk.

What are the reasons to protest spacing. They have requested 640 acres and I want it smaller.

I am doing my research and was wondering what Energy companies (not exploration or operators) are buying oil in this area. I know the operators and exploration companies are drilling; however, I would like to know what energy companies i e. Conoco, BP, etc are they contracting with? Thank you for your help in my research.

I was just contacted by a company wanting to lease my land for three years. What is a typical offer?

My name is Troy Curtis, a landman, with Concho Land Company in Freedom, OK as well as Oklahoma City. I thought while times are slower, I would offer to help with any questions people may have in general and post my email, conchojobs@gmail.com for any and all questions. I also wanted to offer our services for individuals in need of mineral research or help with production related concerns in all Oklahoma Counties and the surrounding states.

I'm a new born baby at this and I'm a nosey new born (me laughing). I have been doing research on my great grandfather Capp Jefferson, a black man who lived in Oklahoma City from 1900-1946. He amassed properties, oil and gas rights and mineral rights among other things. I don't know where to start except by listing some Mineral Deeds I have in my possession, and I know you all can guide me in the right direction. He has over 400 recorded documents but i'm going to give us (me laughing) a break.

Document:1946534749 Book:814 Pg:131

Oil & gas lease Grantor: Capp Jefferson Grantee: Jordan Petroleum

Section:21 Township:13N Range:1E

Call1;1 Call3: NE4 Call4:SE4

2 :NW4 :SE4

3 :SW4 :SE4

4 :SE4 :SE4

In simple turns what does grantor mean?

Where is section21 located township 13n and how can I find out if my great grandfather family have anything to do with this site I guess that's the word. My thinking, because there's more sites with his name, his daughter, (my grandmother) Helen Jefferson Bolin, Capp's son Branch Jefferson and his other children. I'm only looking for a few of the above names and what maybe out there in 2015 are was all that lost. How do I start finding out if this is real property or if I'm beating a dead horse. For some reason all this has been tangles up because my thinking someone is getting something and that someone (s) figure a nut like me wouldn't come along looking, but hey I got time on my side as long as I don't drop dead. (yes, I'm laughing) ok ok enough for a start. Have a blessed day and I promise to keep it short as possible.

Grantor is one that grants i.e. gives or sells.

Your minerals are one mile south of 136th Street, between Peebly Road and Luther Road. OK Dept. of Transportation has maps - they usually load slowly so be patient:


The Township, 13N is on the right side of the county map. The Range, 1E is just above the top of the map. Once you find the Township & Range, there are numbered sections 1-6 and 31-36

With your curser bump the bottom of the map. You can click on + and enlarge the map several times.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission shows all wells in Section 21 are no longer producing. They've been plugged.