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Where does one go to determine if there are wells producing or being drilled on a piece of property? Is there a website? If so, how do I get there and what do I need to know to find the information I am searching for. I have discovered some family mineral interests in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma and know there was a lease many years ago that is now cancelled. Is there a way to determine if anyone is drilling nearby on another section.


The data is available on the OCC website. However it is not the easiest thing to look it up on.

Here are some instructions I posted in reply to a similar question. Substitute Count number 107 for OKFUSKEE and district 1

You will need to know the land description of what you are looking for. Section Township and Range and the way the maps are laid out. Also well spacing will come into play, but this will get you started on the task.

Using OCC e web to search for drilling activity in your area.


There are some instructions here that might be more confusing.


It is pretty powerful using multiple fields to filter with a combination of a wildcard character. You can search all of the new permits by placing a date range.

If you look at all the records for 1/1/2013-3/8/2013 you will get 6700 documents.
The API number used (state code of 50 is stripped) starts with a county code. You can limit it to Caddo county by placing 015% in the API field. So now you get 138 documents.

If you want to look at a section, enter it in the legal description 2709N09W you get 1 document.

You can open it up to the township. (all 9N-9W) use %09N09W 2 documents

Go back to the Caddo county API= %015 (clear the legal) you have 57 again

If you only want to see the permits, use form 1000, spuds = 1001a, completion = 1002a

I filter on district 3 because it covers the primary counties I am interested in such as Carter, Caddo, Stephens, Grady, Garvin, McClain. That drops the records from 6700 to 1500 on the above date range.

The wildcard % is pretty powerful used with the other filters.

Here are the county and district codes


That didn’t really answer your question however. I use some third party tool to help me do it, But sometimes I have to roll back to the original source for most of the data, the OCCeWeb site.