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In the OCC website, docket results; if the results say they will be heard on the Protest Docket, where will I find that? And what makes it go to a protest docket; I’ve never seen that.


As I understand it, a protest hearing usually means that more than one operator wants permission to drill a well on a location. Such hearings can be postponed from month to month, taking forever to be resolved. For instance, Rimrock’s spacing request to drill in Sections 21 and 28, 4N-3W, in Garvin County. I have been told that Rimrock and Triad Energy are fighting to see who gets to drill the well(s). Rimrock first filed their request about a year ago. I have registered my complaints with the Rimrock attorney. I think it would help if other royalty owners did the same. Good luck on your situation.


You look the same place on the dockets list. I have never found it separately. Just hearing in next time slot where it is assigned. Using the case number, you can look in the OAP site and see all the filings for that case.


Unprotested cased are heard on the Initial/Continued docket–Mondays and Tuesdays.

Protested cases are heard on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday–the protest docket days. Look for the "PREHRG’ document on the OCC sute: http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OAP.aspx

That document will tell you who is protesting and “why”. There are a number of different reasons that cases are protested. The PREHRG also has the initial trial dates, but know that cases are continued frequently beyond the initial setting. .


Thanks Frank. Didn’t know they had special days. Appreciate the tidbit.


You are welcome.

You can also download a PDF file of the daily docket at: http://www.occeweb.com/ap/daily_dockets_page.html

I don’t know when they post the new docket for the next week, sometime on Fridays is my best guess. Also, just because a matter is not shown on the PDF file does not mean it can’t be heard


Thanks to all! This information is very helpful. I hadn’t seen one going to the protest docket. This pertains to Garvin 34 02N 03W. It looks to me like maybe Casteel & Red Rock both were wanting to drill??


You can follow all of the paper trail at the OCC OAP website. http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OAP.aspx

Your cases are 201809649, 201810346, 201810345, 201810577, 201900330. Red Rocks and Castell both have pooling cases.


Thanks for the help!