Oklahoma Corporation Commission JInitiator

I am trying to look at the Archived Oil & Gas Database on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission website. Can someone help me with easy to follow instructions for installing the JInitiator program on my Windows7 64bit PC. I am having trouble following the instructions on the website. Thanks!


Good luck, most systems running windows 7 will not work and even then drop a sequence and needs changed with most every use. I worked with the tech over several days and the best we came up with was using Opera web browser but even it doesn't always work. You should be able to use the newer, new database (since they have 2 newer) or oil and gas data mining but it's a joke too.

Thanks! Guess they really don’t intend it to be user friendly do they?

Mineral Joe, I respectfully disagree. For Christmas I retired my trusty Win XP-Pro and got myself a new Dell running Win 7. I followed the online instructions and I haven't had a bit of trouble running the applications and no crashes like I had with XP. One thing that some people miss is you have to install it twice, I have no clue why. Keep trying Cynthia, I guarantee it runs on Windows 7 64bit. with IE 10. Make sure you are not getting any interference from your firewall, pop-up blocker or virus/security program. I have heard other people say they got good help from the OCC tech people.

I guess I am not computer literate enough to get it to work. I will try it one more time and then call tech help tomorrow. Thanks.


I have no problems with it as you are disagreeing with Ira Shackelford at OCC not me, all I know is what he told me. Ira is the man who one deals with at OCC when it comes to tech issues. He is the one that told me when he helped me for days to try and get it to work when I went to Windows 7. I never had a crash or other problems running XP on any of their applications. Ira even went into my computer personally trying to get it to work after I started running Windows 7 and Ira told me there has been big issues with Windows 7 and few are able to use their database with it.


I'm also running it on 2 different computers using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. I ran it on XP on one before that. On one of the current computers I'm still running IE 9, the other is running IE 10.

I'm just running the home edition on 7 64 bit on IE 9. I'm not too bad when it comes to computers but me and Ira worked on it so long I thought I'd have to make payroll on his next paycheck and Ira with OCC is really good with computers. XP professional and IE 9 always worked perfect. Ira told me that most running 7 are unable to get it working. Maybe I need to take my computer over to one of you 2, Rick or Michael.

I used to manage a database that used Oracle's JInitiator. It was such a pain to work with. The move to Vista was horrible. Thankfully we built a new system from the ground up with a visual studio front end and a MS SQL server backend. I had managed that system 10 years and was more than happy to see it go. This database seems to be a similar version of Oracle that we retired. (10g, I wonder if they are still running release 1)

Anyhow, I do see the instructions have been revised since I installed it on the last one a year or so ago. I had not installed it on this computer until recently and it went without a problems also. I can't think of anything that would allow it to run on pro and not the home edition. Actually I can see more problems the other way around.

Oracle doesn't support JInitiator anymore. OCC and Ok Tax Comission are working on a new setup but may not be in my lifetime and by the time they get it up and running it will probably be antiquated.

I tryed to down load it also, will try one more time.

Mineral Joe said:

Oracle doesn't support JInitiator anymore. OCC and Ok Tax Comission are working on a new setup but may not be in my lifetime and by the time they get it up and running it will probably be antiquated.

IMO The OCC should have changed over from jinitatior to JRE 3-4 years ago.

Mineral Joe said:

Oracle doesn't support JInitiator anymore. OCC and Ok Tax Comission are working on a new setup but may not be in my lifetime and by the time they get it up and running it will probably be antiquated.

But Rick, I would have had to find a new hobby!

LoL I hate to think of how many hours of my life I have spent(wasted) fighting some of these oracle issues! But it paid well!

Michael Hutchison said:

But Rick, I would have had to find a new hobby!

Cynthia, Roxanna,

Try this:

1) Add occeweb as a trusted site. Go to http://www.occeweb.com/ Open the options on internet explorer. Tools, options. (If the menu bar is not displayed, hitting the alt key should make is show up) Click on the security tab, trusted sites, sites. Clear the check that “require server verification for all sights in this zone”. http://www.occeweb.com should show up in the add window. Edit it to show “*://*.occeweb.com” without the quotes, and add it to the list.

Note for the security conscience on what we are doing here: The * is a wildcard. Replacing www with the * makes us trust all subdomains within the occeweb.com. examples are www.occeweb.com, occoapp1.occeweb.com, and imaging.occeweb.com. Replacing http with * opens it up to all transport protocols such as http, https, ftp etc. I think they are only using http and ftp within their sites. The server verification option we are turning off, restricts us to https verification to prevent someone spoofing the server. The OCC does not utilize a certificate authority to support this.

2) Right click on these two links, select save target as, and save the files to a location on your computer that you can easily find such as my documents, desktop etc.

3) install jinit.exe (right click on the above file you downloaded and run as administrator)

4) Look at this page for the screen shots. You may see some of these messages in the next step. You may have to run it twice to see the bottom final message, but you need to see the bottom one to make it work.

5) run the fixvistaie7.bat that you saved above(right click and run as administrator)
Once you see the message “you should now be able to use the web application…..” you should be done.

6) Click the below link. If you get any blocked statements at the bottom of your screen at any time, select the “always allow” option.

7) With some options you might have to hit the “Ctrl” key when clicking on them. Mainly when selecting the view option. It will display a “star” error. Hitting the “Ctrl” key should allow it to work opening the page in a new window. If you are running the application full screen size it will be displayed behind the active screen. Alt-Tab will swap screens to display results in the imaging database.

8) Depending on your security needs, you may want to go back and enable the “require server verification for all sights in this zone” option in the first paragraph when not using the OCC site.

I've not had any real issues getting on the system but it really sucks. Oklahoma and Arkansas are challenging each other to see who has the worst on line records keeping...they are both winning.

When you go to Colorado or Wyoming, it is really depressing to go back to those antiquated systems.

I really groan everytime I see you have to download some Citrix or Java system for it to work...you can count on problems.