Oklahoma Corporation Commission Complaints

The OCC offers an online function to file a complaint to inquire regarding Oil & Gas wells, operators, production, etc., and is indexed by individual well name. To what degree does the OCC investigate a complaint filed with them? Is a complaint looked into in much depth? For example, if an operator is claiming production is ongoing, but not paying royalties and not communicating with royalty owners, how will the OCC proceed on a complaint? I ask as I'm now getting closer to contacting a mineral attorney on a new operator not paying royalties. Thanks.

Just my opinion: Read your lease. Some have penalties for non payment. If it is a lease from the Jimmy Carter era, it might be substantial. But if it says "New York City Commercial Rate," it might just be cheaper for the oil company to owe you the money. The interest rate is next to nothing.

A lot of assets were sold by some oil and gas producers to new companies due to bankruptcies and changes in business plans.

You may have to sue to get your royalties, and legal expenses may exceed the recovery.

Good luck.

First check the OK Tax Commission to see if gross production tax is being paid. It matters if the wells have not been paying tax. The new owners are responsible. Get a good attorney that can beat the big boys. The OCC is the oil company’s friend. A good attorney is your friend. Demand litigation expenses.

I did check the OK Tax Commission. The poster above yours was correct that this is a new operator taking over leases after the original operator went bankrupt, as of Dec., 2017. Production was ongoing to that point with the old operator. I have no way of knowing if the wells were shut in, or production is continuing. The phone contact repeatedly puts me off with “the check’s in the mail.” They do not answer emails. The Oklahoma Tax Commission not only reflects no production, but their system still shows the old operator as the lease operator. I called the Oklahoma Tax Commission directly, and the lady verified what I was seeing was a valid observation, but she sounded disinterested. Attorney references are welcome.


I used Charley Puckett, OKC. Rather expensive, but effective.