Oklahoma corporate commisions maybe in violation

What does the legal description of the NW/4 section 32 township13N range 1w in Oklahoma mean and is there any good attorneys out there, I have a strong case and I need an attorney right now



Johnny: NW/4 section 32 township13N range 1w in Oklahoma is the legal description of where the property is located. Click Enter Legal Description to View on Google Earth, if you have Google earth the site will take you there!

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Looks like it is in Oklahoma County. It appears that the operation of a well has recently transferred. OKlahoma 32 13N 1w.pdf (2.1 MB) If you are a mineral owner, this shouldn’t affect your interest.

You may have in interest in a subdivision which is included within that legal description.

Thanks, I’m royalty owner, and I haven’t been paid any proceeds or bonuses.Something is really going on and I need an attorney really fast. ExxonMobil, Koch ol, Conoco Philips, Arco, Apache, have not paid me in 40 years. I never received any settlement money from the litigation of 1206, I mean this they owe my millions of dollars!! Especially Oexco. Is there any attorneys out there that would like to be very rich and famous?

Rich sounds good, famous has it’s disadvantages. If this is Oklahoma County the first thing to do is to see if you are on title. Open www.winbladlaw.com/records scroll down to Oklahoma County. (I assume that is where your property is located). Search your name or that of an ancestor.