Oklahoma attorney

Can anyone refer me to an Oklahoma attorney. I am a California trust attorney. I have a decedent who never transferred his mineral interest to his trust. I am assuming there is a simple affidavit/affidavit of heirship that can be prepared.

I have used Timothy C. Dowd and was very pleased. Oklahoma City, OK 73102-7149. Phone (405) 232-3722.


Have have been using Mahaffey and Gore for years. Cody McPherson is one of my attorney's at this firm and he is good. 300 NE 1st, OK City, OK 73104-4004. 405-236-0478

Can a trust be modified arbitrarily? We were told a trust promulagator may have wanted what wasn’t in the trust to be in testate and this stare decisis couldn’t be ruled out.