Okfuskee lease offers in Sec 8,11, 24 &25

I am trying to get an idea of what a reasonable offer is for some mineral rights my 95 yo mother has in Okfuskee. I have received offers for:

a) T 11N, R11E, Sec 31SW/SE/4 ;15 nma Cochran Land Service offered $200/acre with 1/8 royalty and 3 yr tern with 2 yr option to extend or $150/acre with 3/16 royalty and 3 yr term with 2 yr option to extend

b) 25-10N-10E: E/2 NE/4, W/2NE?4, S/2NW/4 NW?4, S/2 NW?4 SW/4; 24nma: Paladin Land Group offered $75/acre 3yr tern & 3/16 royalty or $125/acre 3 yr term 1/8 royalty with option to extend for 3 yr

c) 24-10N-10E: NW/4 NW/4:SE/4 NW/4: N2 SW/4; S2 SW/4: 6.6nma same as (b)

d) 8-10N-11E:NE/4 NE/4 : 20nma same as (b)

I would appreciate any advice on what to do with these offers.

Thanks, Karen

Whatever you do, don't sign a 1/8th lease. Unless you are hard up for cash I'd negotiate for 1/4th, they may or may not pay a bonus, but come time to drill or if you decide to sell the rights down the road having them on 1/4th RI makes them far more valuable. Also make them throw in a free of cost provision as well as a depth clause.