OK Tax Commission

The new Tax Com website is making me crazy- the old one was so easy to navigate! I need to check the production on a well. Can anyone point me to where it is on the new site? Thank you!

Mary go ahead and give the API # of the well and I’m sure someone will help you

Thanks, Clint, but I’d like to be able to help myself! It’s frustrating to not be able to go in and get it done.

Yes Ma’am I understand…the Tax Comm made it easier for themselves but not the general users…sounds like the Texas RR Commission Clint

You can find the production at the OK Tax site. It will be about four months behind which is normal. The oil may be fairly close to what is on your checks, but the gas may be slightly different for lots of technical reasons.


If you have a horizontal well, then look up by the bottom hole location or the name of the well as that seems to work better.

Thank you for the help. It is just what I needed- the site is bookmarked now!

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