OK Mineral Owner Registry


Is this a legitimate Registry? Is it a good idea to join it? It’s $42. annually.


I have looked into these in the past. Generally I do not see the point, at least in Oklahoma. Somebody searching for mineral owners generally start with the land records. If a company, landman or buyer can find your address from the county clerk records then I do not see the point of the secondary registry. That answer may be different for a person who moves constantly.
A simple affidavit that identifies your land (Section, Township Range) and your address filed of record should be sufficient. The clerk would charge a one-time filing fee in Oklahoma of $13 assuming it fits on one page.
If you have inherited minerals that have not been probated, then an affidavit of heirship could suffice until you can complete a probate. In Oklahoma companies will often lease based upon an affidavit of heirship and even pay a lease bonus, but won’t pay royalties until there is a probate order.
I reviewed one site, that offered sending drilling updates to its members.


So what did you think of the site that had updates of drilling?


For the average mineral owner I do not see the benefit of knowing the rig counts unless you are evaluating an offer. Then again the price is not excessive for the one I visited.