OK Energy Today Website

Does anyone use this website for general info? It now asks for a login and password. Has always been free in the past. Anyone have ideas? Thanks!

Chris, I use it for the same. I noticed this morning it came at 8:54, which is about 2-3 hours later than usual. I had the same problem and thought it might be my browser acting up, so went on to other things. After seeing your post, I went back and saw another mailing at 9:36 and see the message "having host problems and working to resolve".

I like it for the news summaries and especially the quick links to OCC permit and completion documents with map images. Hope they get it fixed soon.

This appears to be a general issue with their web server as I have the same issue as you are experiencing. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

I just had the same issue. Glad it isn't just with mine and hope they get it fixed soon