OK Corp Comm notations

On May 14 some cases of interest to me were on the OK City docket. The docket results are stamped in red “Ready” in the middle and to far right under Court Reporter it is stamped “Recommend F.O.” I am interested in any interpretation or deciphering of this. Thank you.

My first guess would be Recommend for Order, but not sure if that is it.

Thanks for the guess.

Could be EO for emergency order.

It’s an “FO”, not EO.

F.O. is for Final Order.

That makes sense. Recommended Final Order. The order will be posted on the OCC Electronic Case Filing site.
https://public.occ.ok.gov/WebLink/CustomSearch.aspx?SearchName=ImagedCaseDocumentsfiledafter3212022&dbid=0&repo=OCC&cr=1 You will need the case document number.

Thank you Canadian Tuxedo. Is that a type of cat?

Thank you. I followed the link and found a new exhibit dated 5/14/24. Can you tell me what must happen now for a drilling permit to be issued? I guess a final order will be posted first.

Post the case number and I will look. Need to read it first.

Yes it is CD2023-001986 and the order # is 736662.

There are wells in all three sections. If there are any stray folks that have not leased at the reservoir level, they may have to have a pooling. I did not hunt down the cases for the previous wells. There might be a few not leased in the Goddard/Springer. Then you can check the well record data at the OCC. I just checked and a new Prairie 0404 is not listed yet.

Well, lo and behold, the Prairie 0404 33-28-21 6SXH and the 7SXH were permitted 9/25/2023 and spud on 12/29 and 12/30 of 2023. This information I found on OCC Well Data Finder. These two wells and the new 0404 33-28 8MXH are listed on Electronic Well Data but the site does not allow me to see images of forms. The 8MXH has a permit but no spud form. Frac Focus (which I learned about minutes ago on this forum, ht M_Barnes) tells me these 6 & 7SXH were completed on 4/10/2024. All this time I was wondering when they would get permitted.


This is the new well records site. (Even though it says ERROR). If you are on a laptop or desktop, you should be able to hit the Blue NAME and the documents will open-it is the hyperlink. Type in Prairie 0404 in the Well Name box. 6 & 7 are finished, but the completion reports are not going to show up for a bit. 8 has not spud yet.