Oilfield map of Eastern Montana

Does anyone know where we can obtain a map that shows the formations, oil wells, etc. of wells in southeastern montana, namely Fallon County?


That is a pretty tall order. While all of the information you seek is publicly available in the State files, compiling it into a map like you describe is a lot of work. Geologists who do this sort of thing for a living have a lot of time and effort into their maps and aren't likely to give it away for nothing. You could always hire one to make one for you.

There are a number of commercial sources for data, the most prominent being IHS Energy, Inc, and they might sell you a map, but it won't be cheap.

Try this site http://www.iagc.org/ My internet is very slow today so I can’t pull it up if this is the right link.


Where do you find mapping info on this site?

Joe Jackson said:

Try this site
My internet is very slow today so I can't pull it up if this is the right link.

You can start with MT.gov. There you will get a section map. It doesn't take a lot of navigating to Google "oil wells in Garfield County, MT" for example. Then you can transpose the wells over on to the section map. For instance I found 3 inactive wells right on top of my holdings in Garfield County at 16N-40E. In fact they are so close I'm narrowing my study down to see who drilled and exactly where. Almost looks like they overlooked me. I got a list of land owners, also by Googling. I know I'm legal because I checked the courthouse in Jordan this summer. It can take awhile, but it's interesting. Like I said, all it takes is time.

Excellent work Gordon. That’s how the pros do it, just have to grind it out. You can find your well information at


Who drilled it, when, how deep, what they found, it’s all there.

Thanks so much. Looks like a good source. I've known about my mineral rights since I was 19 and in the Navy. I'm 67 now. So that gives you some idea how long I've been at this. If I know one thing after all the feelers I've put out over the years it's that you don't contact them. They come to you. But, I'm sure it doesn't hurt to have your name out on the different sites. I have Garfield County, 16N-40E and Teton County 25N-3W. Every once in awhile I'll get a nibble, get all excited and it fizzles. Before I look at what you sent me I see 3 inactive wells in the area. Thanks again.

Does anyone know how I can find the API # for these wells?

You shouldnt need the API to get started. You can look up wells by location, by name, by field, etc on this site. Once you find a well you are interested in, write down the API, because it is a handy way to find out more info.

You are correct about marketing your minerals. If someone likes them they will find you. As long as your ownership is correct in the courthouse, there’s not much else to do.

Not much interest in Garfield County these days. Thee has been some talk of a Heath Shale play across Central Mt, but so far it’s mostly talk. Good luck.