Oil well production for wells in Divide County,ND

I have an interest in two wells that I know of in Divide County. Section 17, T161NR-99W. Where can I get information on the actual oil production for each well? SM Energy has sent me royalties on one of the wells, but nothing on the other so far.

Try looking at the ND website. It is fairly easy to look thru and will have some of what you want. The have an inexpensive premium service to get more info. Just type in ND oil and gas and that will lead you to the site. Use the gis viewer and type in your Sec. Township. Range. That will show the wells on your interest. Then you can pick the well by clicking on the search by selection. Click and drag the “box” over the wells on your interest. That will give u a list of them at the bottom of the page. U can get more info by clicking on the wells. Good luck and keep trying til u figure it out.

Thanks much for your help, Rick.