Oil under Gas

I have several gas leases. I am new to all of this, is it possible oil is under them? Their is also coal on the same property.

This is in Leflore County Oklahoma.


I see a lot of leases being taken in 8N-25W & 26W in this county. You are in the Arkoma Basin, therefore i’m sure there is oil and gas present, I just don’t see a lot of activity out there at the moment, but who knows that could change in the near future, all it takes is a nice well drilled to get the attention of bigger operators.

It is possible to have pure gas wells, gas wells with condensate ( a light oil), oil and associated gas wells or pure oil wells depending upon the reservoir and the maturity of the hydrocarbons. You can also have associated gas with the coal. Most all of the wells in LeFlore are designated as gas wells. You would have to give a section, township and range to get a more specific answer.