Oil to spike above $100/bbl soon


My wife and I are both liberal. No, we don’t consider ourselves to be “socialists.” In our experience, we find that many people don’t really know what they are talking about when they start talking about socialism, anyway. And far too many who want to overlook the fact that America doesn’t have a purely capitalistic system, as well.

I think you can relax with your worries about America becoming “socialist”. :slight_smile: Fear is the problem in our society, and we have a great nation, if people will let go of being afraid of everyone and every thing, and seeing the boogeyman behind every bush.


For all involved… if you feel compelled to begin talking about opinionated politics, take it to the Off Topic category and be sure to read the rules there. Thank you.


Fantastic suggestion, Kenny; thanks. For the most part I’ve learned to let the insults go. I was disappointed to see them crop up here.


I don’t think this forum is the right place for all these political comments There is already more than enough in our daily lives Please


I sure agree with that, Bob!


Doesn’t look to probable today!! down almost $5.00 What happened???


Ol’ Lawrence from Van Halen done jynxed us! Only joking…


Nah…this is only the effect of ‘adjustments’ by OPEC nations, even the Chinese and Russians, and Saudi Arabia. Short term they can panic the Dow Jones over artificially depressed prices for oil…but they can’t keep it up and the price will rebound mightily soon. They NEED the price of oil between $75 and $120/barrel to continue to keep their disfunctional regimes in power subjugating their people. They are ‘punishing’ us because we sell oil for $56/bbl…but still profitable for us, but their overhead is a lot more than the $10/bbl at the wellhead the Saudis used to be able to maintain. Too many people on the dole in Saudi Arabia anymore…so to fund their government they have to keep the price of oil up. Just watch it rebound before the end of this week. We just need to stay the course and wait them out.

ol’ Lawrence :sunglasses::rofl::rainbow::stars::ribbon:


Folks need to think before they vote. The Navajo and Hopi tribes will be short on revenue when the Navajo Generating Plant closes. They were dependent upon coal royalties and jobs. But every election, they are herded to the polls by the Judas goats to vote for the party that is pledged to shut down coal mining and coal electricity generation. They shot themselves in the foot. Now the tribes will own a mine, a generating plant and a railroad from no where to no where, none of which they can use.


On the bright side, electricity will now be generated with natural gas.