Oil Storage Tanks for Jeannie (2705N06W) and Scott (0605N07W) Wells


Has anyone seen how many, if any, storage tanks for the Jeannie (2705N06W) and Scott (0605N07W) wells have been put up? Heard any rumors about production numbers? Thanks!



Havent heard on the White well yet in 6 5n 7w. Perhaps you have. I dont find any record of Scott well in that section. Is this a unit well? Do you know surface location?


Hi Tom, surface location for the White 3H is in 3106N07W. Well went active on Nov. 30, 2018.


It appears they have been fracking the Jeannie wells for several days now. Followed a Haliburton passenger van out of Chickasha a few days ago until it turned off on the county road that leads to the Jeannie well’s entrance. Yesterday I noticed two crane booms in the air in the far distance about where the surface holes are located.