Oil Royalties In Oklahoma County

Our family trust owns mineral interests in three well in the WEHLU fields in Oklahoma County. The previous royalties were paid by Sunoco (oil) and Superior Pipeline (gas). The leases were purchased by Revolution Resources at the beginning of this year. Our royalty checks now reflect payments for Oil, Natural Gas, and Plant Products (sputter). Are we missing some money from Superior??

Most likely Revolution Resources is now handling both the oil and gas marketing to midstream companies like Sunoco and Superior. They’re a full-fledged operator who drills and produces and likely would want to pay you directly rather than having the midstream purchaser pay you the royalties.

Are the gas volumes consistent if you line up the older Superior Pipeline payments with the Revolution gas & plant product payments? If Superior paid you on just raw unprocessed gas (say, if the BTU of the gas was 1.2 or higher) and no NGLs or plant products, then the Revolution gas numbers will be a little lower (~80-90% lower, plus well decline) just due to the gas “shrinking” when it’s processed to extract those liquids. I can explain more on this if you see this and have more questions, but we’ll start here!

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