Oil rights in florida

Who & how do i get in touch with regarding oil righte,??

You need to be more specific. Also, county & legal description will help.

My father & his siblings got a check every now & then from oil rights. Everyone has past away…do you know who i could get in touch with about this matter. Its in Florida…a small town… Jay,FL

You need to dig for more information. I would start with the company that sent the checks. If you have no information, you can try searching the Santa Rosa County Clerk’s office or the recorder of deeds office and try to figure out where he received his interest. But finding out the operator who sent the checks is the best place to start.

Hi Windy, here a couple of links that might help. Florida Oil & Gas map https://ca.dep.state.fl.us/mapdirect/?focus=oilandgas Santa Rosa County Record Search https://acclaim.srccol.com/AcclaimWeb/search/SearchTypeSimpleSearch

You can search for your relatives names in the county records… and you may find a deed or a lease that gives you more information on the location. With the location you can find any active wells on the oil and gas map.

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