Oil production block 56 t

My family has interests in sections 30,32,34,38 & 40. How is it looking on current and future productions? Our wells , across these 5 sections, have been great for us until 2021. Ideas? Our leases are with Apache. Thanks Danny

Hi Danny, Can you clarify the location of your interests? There are several Block 56 T possibilities. Typically there is a number after the T like T3 or T7S. My guess is that you are referring to Block 56-T7S, but it is just a guess.

Sorry about that… yes it’s T3

Danny, as shown on attached map, there are many active wells in these sections. In addition there are recently permitted locations that could keep the production going in the future.


Please forgive me for being so late in thanking you for your help! Daniel

Glad to be of some help.