Oil News for Northeast Mitchell County

The star represents our farm that has been in our family for nearly 120 years. Lone Wolf Creek runs through the property and Lone Wolf Mountain is nearby. I wonder if any neighbors in the area have any oil news they’d like to share. Thanks!

Hi Cary_J. I do not have any oil news to share currently, unfortunately. However, out family farm is just south of yours so I thought I would say howdy. The last lease we signed, about 10 years ago, we used an attorney out of Colorado City named Ty Wood. He was in the thick of leases then and might be a good contact for you currently. Please keep us apprised of anything you learn.

Hi Carey - we had a oil lease on our farm back in 2012. This was with LMD Energy and Ty Wood out of Colorado City was the acting attorney. Our family farm is just north of Loraine about 1 1/2 miles on County Rd 424 (Norrell Rd). There was no drilling on our farm; but our cousin had a well drilled on his farm that was adjacent to us. The well construction was done by Laredo Petroleum (I think); but this turned out to be a non producing well; so this was capped off. To my knowledge; there has been no interest on any new oil leases in this area. We also have active oil leases in Glasscock county (Permian basin). Our farm north of Loraine is part of a wind turbine lease; but we only have foundations for the wind turbines (4ea) and no active wind turbine poles were constructed.

Hi Carey - just curious on the lease activity and what the bonus payment per net mineral acre ($ / NMA) would be for this area of Mitchell county.

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