*oil & mineral lawyer needed*

I need help to weigh up both options either sell my mineral acreage or get the most out of leasing it.

OK Clerks office holds no deed for me, I need to know what I really own. 160accres stated on my brothers deed after a landman did a title search.

I am certain I am or were getting taken for granted as my checks do not add up. Other people are recieving in excess of $10,000 monthly revenue based on thier BBL & MI/DI etc, tell me if I am wrong.

I do not even bother banking my checks. I have not recieved any division orders from Husky or Payne for quite some time, not much activity? W/2 s36 t17n R5w.

OCC Wells list attached.

Any suggestions or options would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ian

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