Oil leasing in Garvin County OK

It seems like there is at least a small bit of activity going on in Garvin County, but I’m not receiving any offers. I moved a couple of years ago and I’m wondering if my info isnt out there in the “oil world” anymore. How do I drum up some interest?

Location is everything so make sure your new information is current against your section with the county clerk’s office. If your section is prospective we will find you.

Location, Location, Location… Price of oil, price of oil, price of oil. Not much happening right now until the price comes back up to economic levels, so make sure your new contact information and the description of the mineral rights is filed in the county courthouse.

Just don’t think the interest in leasing and purchasing minerals is there right now. When the oil prices go up good it will some back but that may be quite a while with the virus threatening to lock down the country/world again.

I keep watching for the slightest interest in Garvin County, OK. I am hopeful that HORIZONTAL drilling will become a possibility. I have small nma in S30/04N/03E in Garvin County OK. In the past it was vertically drilled. Allegedly dry hole, and plugged, however, I don’t think it is all over, i.e., a little ‘fracking’ might bring it alive…what does anyone think? Leta C. MONTANA (Big Sky and Grizzly Bear Country)

Don’t get your hopes up on this one. There are only a few rigs running in OK right now and it will stay very low key until the prices rise enough to be economic. This particular part of OK is not in a hot spot.

AS ALWAYS…M Barnes, I thank you for your professional assessment. Good to hear from you. Leta C…MONTANA (Big Sky and Grizzly Bear Country)