Oil leasing activity near me

Hi there, my sister and I have just inherited mineral rights to 480 acres in T151N, R88W, sections 9 and 15. Currently not leased.

Wondering if anyone nearby has received any lease offers lately, and if so, what are the going rates?


No new leases in 9 or 15 in the last two years. A bundle of state leases wer done by The Triple T back in 2022 at 3/16ths, but bonus amounts are now public.

Got it, thanks for the quick response!

Where can I get more info on those Triple T leases you mentioned?

Even though we don’t plan on selling immediately, we have to establish a value of the rights as of our father’s date of death (for tax purposes), and the those leases might be relevant as comparisons… thanks!

I found them on a subscription site. You might be able to find them on the North Dakota site. Maybe someone from ND has a link. I see a typo above. Bonus amounts are NOT usually public. But if it was a state lease sale, there might be a public posting.

Ok, thanks again for your help!

I have mineral rights in Mountrail County. Clear Water

Township 157 North, Range 90 West, 5th P.M. Section 3: Lot 2 (40.32 NW1⁄4NE1⁄4), S1⁄2NE1⁄4, NW1⁄4SE1⁄4

wondering if anyone know if there has been drilling over there? Looking for any information on this area.


EOG Resources Clearwater 10-03H drilled in 2010. API # 33061009130000 Still producing in the Bakken.

Thank you for the info.