Oil lease offers in Section 21-1S-4W Stephens OK


Has anyone received any offers to lease in Section 21-1S-4W, Stephens County?


Just got an offer from Nichols.


any offers or activity in S32-T1S-R4W…had an offer four years ago but no follow up as oil prices crashed.


There has been some increased interest in this township, but mainly a bit north or east of you.
CR has a well in the completion process in 6-1s-4w. Halliburton is in the early stages of fracturing it now.
CR has a well planned in 17-20 and 89 Energy has one planned in 23-26 and 14-23

There was quite a few applications that were canceled 4 years ago but we are seeing some areas now being explored again through there.


Thank you.


Do you know of anything going on in Section 31-2S-4W?


State Fund Plugging has permit for B. Hurst #1 for the LOCO formation at 930 feet to recompleted it. Permit was May 22, 2018.


I’m not seeing much activity so far in 2018, but there are some decent comps in 2017. You might try to reach out to Echo or Wilbanks Reserve and see if they’re interested.

taken from mineralinsight.com


I haven’t seen much interest nearby in a year or so. We have some properties just Northeast of you and I was getting some calls on them, but they disappeared about the time I thought we had a deal working. There is some leasing activity, primarily in the South East part of the township.
CR seems to be interested in section 35, but now as a multiunit with 26 instead of 34.
I think the permit M_Barnes mentioned will only result in an abandoned well being plugged.


So far I have received lease offers from Nichols, MK&P, ACE Energy, and will receive one next week from Ventana. I expect offers from others. Have received a copy of the Cheyenne Petroleum Co. application with OCC.

This activity is following the kind of activity in S20-1S-4W.


The latest lease offers were for S21-1S-4W.