Oil Lease offered to us in Grady County 31, 10N, 8W

I'm totally new to all of this so forgive me if these are seemingly stupid questions. My family was approached by Calvin Energy to lease for oil/gas. We are the mineral rights owners and discovered this when Calvin approached us. I've done a little researching and have found 3 wells on Section 31; Two are active and are held by 2 different companies and the third has been plugged by a third company.

My question is this, since there are 2 companies already producing on that section, how can Calvin offer us a lease? Aren't the other 2 companies responsible for contacting all owners in that section and offering them leases (or at have the owners surface and mineral be forced into a pool)? Any help/information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

If you were forced pooled on those wells you deeper interest could be leased . Also if you interest was not under the spacing for the wells your interest could be leased. Would need more detail on legal description to tell you more.

For clarification and my own casual interest Ron, are you saying that if she were pooled instead of leasing that only the formation and depth produced would be held by production and that Lucinda would be able to lease the deeper or shallower rights ?

The problem is that I don't know if we had been pooled. I'm trying to understand if there are wells in our section (but not necessarily where our mineral rights are) if the current leasing companies with the active well A) have Missed us and B) If Calvin can legally offer us a lease since I'm wondering if the formation that are there aren't already being tapped by the other company.

I really am a n00b on all of this.

r w Yes just what is covered by the pooling. Lucinda if the wells are on you someone should be getting a check . I will see what I can find without better legal description or a name for the interest.

Lucinda I could find no producing well on 31- 10n- 8w. There is a permit to drill under 30 from 31 but would not have any effect on you interest. The well that was there from around 1970 was plugged. What would be the name on the interest. Do you know how much you have. What was the lease terms ?

Ron the following information is off of Oklahoma Corporation Commission when I plugged in 31/10n/8w. (Pun slightly intended.)

3505100140 Higgins 1 - 31,10n,8w: sw4,131262 - This one I have no idea who is operating. It shows Hawkins and Hawkins but their status is closed.

3505120461 Hayter 1 - 31,10n,8w: sw4,129772 - This one is plugged by Chapparal

3505123522 Russel 1 - 30H,10n,8w:s2nwnwnw 779111 - This one is operated by Cimarex

I'm not sure where else to look for information about this, being 1500 miles away doesn't help me either.

Lucinda I found no Higgins well ,the Hayter has been plugged and the Russell 1-30H does not effect your interest in 31. What about name, amount of interest and terms of lease offer ? Here is a link to the info. I found

http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OGWellRecords.aspx 3110n08w would be what you would put in under legal location if it doesn't go to you tract.