Oil Lease Drilled On by someone else

My family owns several oil leases we just found out about, and on one we signed an agreement to let someone drill on, they got permits and when they showed up there was already non permitted wells pumping oil the landowner (we own 100% rights from the 1920) had drilled.

What steps need to be taken?

it is in Lawrence county Kentucky on a 25 acre farm is where the wells are located.


Years ago, I caught a company drilling on a lease I owned in Kansas. They were almost to the target zone. Instead of taking them to court for mineral trespass, I negotiated an interest in the well and was able to share in revenue for over 30 years and through several subsequent operators. Get a lawyer and understand your rights before taking any action. Your ownership may not be public information and you may have been force pooled and the wells are legitimately producing.

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment

If they have no permits I imagine someone will be contacting the Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas. You need to be in contact with the person you leased to. Since they own the lease, and someone else is operating it, I imagine the person you leased to will be taking action.