Oil Lease activity in 3N 8W

Any oil leasing activity in 3N 8W Grady county? What is the typical amount per acre? Thanks.

It’s on the outskirts of the play, but there is a little activity there. I’m unaware of the amount per acre companies are paying to lease currently. But I can do a little searching for you.

Any light you can throw on the subject would be much appreciated!

Yes knowing what is going on Would be Most Helpful.
Please define “area of Outskirts”.
And what is being leased in 3N 8W. Tks John Morgan

Any information would be helpful. Thank you sir.

Not much happening in 3N-8W. Last poolings were in 2017 in Sec 1& 2 Fortuna and Noble-Olsen (not the Woodford) 40 ac spacing for $175 @ 3/16ths. There has been a bit of leasing in the last 999 days (21 leases in various sections) but all was in 2016 and 2017. Nothing new right now.

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