Oil haulers in Blaine County

Can anyone tell me of the Oil Haulers in Blaine County? Specifically on the Operator, MEP Operating, LLC/Millennial. Description 10/15-17N-12W. Thank you.

You can find who is on your specific well at the OK tax site. It may change from month to month, depending upon the operator’s contracts. Gross Production

If that is the Mojo Man well, I just looked it up in sec 15 17N 12W and only the gas hauler is listed so far Ancova Energy Marketing. The completion report lists Enable, so not sure if that is the oil hauler or not.

What exactly are you trying to ask? Please be more specific in your question.

I am wanting to know what the names of the oil haulers are for this well.

Most direct way to find out is to call the operator.

Yes it is the MOJO Man 1HX-1510. We were trying to find if just gas production or was there also oil. Thank you.

At the moment, there is only gas. The completion report shows oil, but they may fill up the tanks first and then have a hauler pick it up. It doesn’t usually go through a jumper pipeline like gas does. Call the operator and find out.