Oil & gas leasing in Oklahoma County

I have been approached about leasing in Sec. 11-14N-4W Oklahoma County. I do not know if a well has been permitted here. Does anybody have any information about this area.

Which quarter section are you in? Such as NW4? There some wells in the section already, but they are older. Horizontal drilling is coming into the area, so curious if this is a deep lease under current production or a brand new lease offer. Usually leasing comes before a new permit.

My property is in the E/2 SE/4 (Sec. 11-14N-4W). This is a brand new lease offer. Terms are for $200 bonus and a 3/16th royalty, 3-year term. This property was previously leased in 2015, but never drilled and so the lease has expired. Do you know who is planning to drill horizontally? I’m inclined to hold off especially since the bonus is low.

I always ask for the 1/5th and 1/4th options just to see what they say. At this point, the last lease was in 2020, so no indication of who might be interested right now in drilling. The old leases were at 3/16ths. Waiting a bit might reveal new information.

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