Oil & Gas Lease

Hi..brand new to all of this... I've received an offer for a lease on 1 acre in Ward County ....E/2 SW/4 of Section 85, Block F, G&MMB&A Survey .... any help with this would be great..Thanks

I should have provided more information..sorry..the offer is $3000 for a 3 year lease with a 25% royalty on production... from MidCon on behalf of Felix Energy

George, I own a small interest in minerals under all of 85, 86, 95, and 96. Have received an offer from the same company you named above. Was wondering if you live in Ward Co. and if there is any activity going on or near these sections. I am still a novice in negotiating with these lease seekers, but am learning slowly. This is a great forum for learning. You were offered $500.00 more than I was. Initially, I do not care for the lease contract offered for various reasons...mainly all the deductions they want us to be responsible for.