Oil & Gas Lease Rates and Offers

Use this post to share and discuss your lease offers in Webb County, TX. The more we know about what is being offered, the better decisions we'll all be able to make. Share your bonus, royalty rate, and any other provisions you were able to negotiate.


Does anyone know what the current lease rates are going for in NE Webb county? What about bonus?


"I have mineral rights in NE Webb county also, and they are not leased. Would love to get some information on getting them leased. I hear it is getting "hot" down there. L Adami"

have mineral rights to about 1000 acres. It between Encinal and Freer...does that helpl"

Lee if you will call me at 214-680-6266 I'd like to discuss that further with you.

My number is 214-680-6266

David Krueger

ok David...will do. What is a good time? I am at work now, but can call in the evening is that is ok with you.

Lee K. Adami

We have a place in NW Webb. BP and/or Lewis Petroleum have been very active in our area which is in the dry gas area.