Oil & Gas Lease Rates and Offers

Use this post to share and discuss your lease offers in Roosevelt County, MT. The more we know about what is being offered the better decisions we’ll all make. Share your bonus, royalty rate, and any other provisions you were able to negotiate.

Family has rights near Bainville, One parcel was leased for 3/16, $500 bonus per acre, 5 year lease dated Dec 2010. Had not discovered this forum beforehand. We have another parcel that we will be making significant changes to the offered lease thanks to the information gained from this forum.To any other newcomers to this forum, do not sign the first lease sent you without getting some professional input. Our thanks to those that have donated their time to help educate others in lease language and common mistakes.

Hello everyone, My family group has mineral rights in Roosevelt county, can anyone tell me if there are active wells in the county?


Tim, You can go to eser.org. In the rectangular box type in the legal description of your mineral rights. A map of your area will come up. Any red dot you see on the map are old wells, yellow are for new permits and, green represent active oil wells. Apparently the information is not current but is accuate with in the last 3 to 5 months or so-I believe. Tom

Thanks Tom, I will do that this weekend when I have some time.

We have mineral rights in Daniels and Roosevelt.