Oil-Gas Drilling Activity?

My grandfather many moons ago purchased mineral rights in 14 and 15-7N- 60W along with family members. Can anyone offer information and/or guidance? Thank you

Hi rbrownlac, What kind of information are you wanting to know? Have you leased the minerals? Looks like Bison permitted wells in section 15, but that doesn’t guarantee that they minerals will be drilled.

Hi Miranda, thanks for replying - any and all info… I realize that’s a bit vague, however I’m new to this and want to learn as much as I can. So any relevant/current literature, websites, etc. re leasing, prospective drilling, hold or sell, acre value, reputable companies to work with… I’d greatly appreciate. The rights are currently leased. Thank you again, Randy

Hi, I am a Minerals Appraiser and I drove by your Property the other day, working on another job. No sign of any activity. You are about 6-7 miles SW of actual Bison action, where Bison has drilled a couple of wells. Your Property is at the edge of the horizontal drilling “action”. It is separated from the “action” at your north side by some Verdad wells (another bigger operator). The Verdad wells are five years old, and Verdad has NOT filed for new permits around their older wells, which does not augur well. Bison Oil & Gas II, LLC, a drilling partnership, has permitted wells over your Property, and they are likely controlling your leases. However, MANY companies have filed permits (cheap) without doing any more. A brief look at Bison and its people indicates to me (a due diligence expert) that they have a long way to go. However, you might get offers for your property, so stay in touch. John Gustavson, Certified Minerals Appraiser

Here is a map of the sections you inquired about. The orange lines are permitted wells (quite a few and all from Bison), green are producing and purple are upside. Hope this helps.

Desr John, thank you for your reply and worthwhile information. Is there an email or better a phone number in order to speak with you directly and ask further questions? I will gladly reimburse you for your time.
Thank you again, Randy

Yes, you can find me in the Boulder phone book listed as John Gustavson, 303 818 5992. Regards, John