Oil/Gas attorney

I need referrals for competent Oil/Gas attorneys who serve the Houston, TX area.

Hi, Yvonne!

I'm sorry to hear that you need an Oil and Gas Attorney so early in the year (Day 1), but the best that I know of is Michael Jones:

Michael D. Jones

Jones Gill LLP

6363 Woodway, Suite 1100

Houston, Texas 77057-1796


Michael is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in both Oil and Gas Law and in Civil Trial Law and has many years of experience in both areas.

He is currently representing two clients of mine in different court matters and I can tell you from personal that he is knowledgeable, experienced, and leaves nothing on the field.

Feel free to use my name if you contact him. I'll even send him a note that you may be calling him.

Happy New Year!

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

With the changing oilscape, I am hopeful to have need of such asap when it occurs. Some interest has been shown... Thank you very much, Mr. Tooke...

You're welcome Yvonne, but please call me Charles. My Father was Mr. Tooke.

Interest in what?


You'll find multiple entries here on the forum by Mr. Wade Caldwell. He offices in San Antonio but is certainly qualified to work with those with interests all over the state of TX. I'm knowledgeable of several others as well. If you'd be interested, Friend me and we'll take it from there.


Could you help me find out if i have some money from a lease in a holding somewhere?

My number is 512 348 1402 and my email is mistydawn04@gmail.com thank you in advance!


Hi Misty!

I just left you a message on the Friends Board but will email you here in a minute so you can send me your question(s).

I enjoy conversations, but have found that a paper trail is the best way to go.


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Know of any other attorneys?


If you are asking Kenny, click on his name where it is in BLUE and try and send him a message. What you will be doing is sending him an invitation to become A Friend on The Forum first. You two can message privately that way.

Michael Jones and Wade Caldwell would have been my two first choices.

Yvonne -

o'l Lawrence in Verhalen, another Contributor on The Forum, recommended Eric Camp to someone in the Reeves County group:

Eric Camp

Decker Jones, PC

Fort Worth, Texas

817-336-2400 Office

817-717-5646 Cell

I don't know Eric, but have seen where he responds to questions from time to time.

Hope this helps -