Oil & Gas Attorney Recommendations

My family just received an offer from Continental ($0 bonus / 1/4 royalty) for Section 29 01N 03W with a draft of their OGL. I’m wondering if any forum members would have a recommendation for a reputable Oil and Gas Attorney to assist us in parsing through the legalese.

While on the subject, do members feel that current pooling would offer an 1/4 royalty option? Good to know that things are picking up again. Thank you for all your input.

I have been using Cody McPherson at 1-405-236-0478 for the last 10 years or more and he is really good. He is with Mahaffey and Gore in OK City.

I’ve come across Mahaffey in my research and they look pretty solid. I’ll call and ask for Mr. McPherson. Thank you.

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