Oil/Gas Activity Block 45 Section 26 Reeves County TX?


How do I find out if there is any activity on this Section, 20’ easement along the N,Sth, east and west Boundaries for access purposes. the Public School Land Survey.

I have surface rights (however, I think if the State of Texas drills here I would get a % of the Royalties.

Does anyone have a link or where I should look for info on activity.

Thank You Mavis Palmer


Unfortunately, the minerals in that section are state owned and you are most likely not entitled to a portion of the royalties.


Hi Armadillo, I was told that in this case as I have surface rights I would act as the Agent for the State of Texas and receive a percentage. (It is Public School Land) according to my Deed. The State of Texas has retained all rights to the Groundwater, except Grantee and its successors and assigns shall have the right to use groundwater for residential and domestic purposes only. Not for commercial purposes.

There is no mention at all of Royalties… Then are you saying I would only have surface rights? Regards Mavis


Hi Again Armadillo, You don’t happen to know where I can find information on Section 3, Block 52. Reeves County Texas?

Thank you for your advice, I do appreciate it. Regards Mavis


A surface owner can act as agent for the State of Texas in leasing only if the tract is “mineral classified” which refers to certain lands where the State sold the surface and retained the minerals and the sale took place prior to June 29, 1931. In more recent years, the State has sold the surface and retained 100% of the leasing rights and all associated revenues. If your surface is located in Section 26, Block 45, PSL, A-3827, then the State leased the minerals in 2011 and there are already producing wells in that section. If your surface is located elsewhere in Reeves County, you can look at the General Land Office GIS viewer or contact the GLO about the status of your land.


Dear TennisDaze, This is very interesting… I purchased the 10+acres in June 2005, filed for record at the County Clerk’s office August 28th, 2007 OPR Vol 772 Page 217 I will check the General Land Office and let you know. I do have a Map with an X marks the spot.

How do I find the PSL, A-3827 (is this the exact spot where the land is located). Don’t they have to inform the surface owner if they are going across your land? Regards Mavis Palmer


Hi TennisDaze, If the State sold the surface rights to me and retained 100% of the leasing rights and all associated revenue. Exactly what do I have… No Rights?

I am confused…

I did find the GLS and spent a couple of hours on there finding my way around. I will call them this morning… Thank you for your help…Regards Mavis


Dear TennisDaze, I did find that the parcel is 640 Acres and people pooled together. I remember an email I received asking me to join and I also had a couple of offers to purchase and I gave a company permission to survey. Unfortunately for us, this was in April 2013 or May and A Flood hit us and almost wiped out our town. We lost everything, so we were in shock for a long time and only now coming out of the fog and trying to rebuild. Regards Mavis


Many of the tracts that were purchased off EBay and other sites in the last 20 years were state tracts where the state has reserved 100% of the minerals and the buyers only have surface rights.


Good Afternoon Mr. Caldwell, Thank you for replying. I did find out from another member a way to find out if there is any activity in the area. I do realize I only have surface rights. I called the General Land Office this morning and they will get someone from the Leasing department to see if they can help me. In 2013 I did give a company approval to survey there. I didn’t hear anything. I also had 2 offers to purchase and someone sent me an email to join other people in a group as this is 640 acres total. Pooling I think he told me. I deleted the email in error. So I’m hoping either to find this group or lease as I hear there is activity in the area. Regards Mavis Palmer


Dear Mr. Caldwell, I also have another one 5.1 Acres (the previous post is 10+ Acres (both Surface rights only.) Legal description on the 5.10 Acres is Lot 28 - Section 3 Block 52. I would like any information on both lots if possible. Regards Mavis Palmer


Sorry, both are in Reeves County Texas. I found the 10+ acre on the map PSL Block 45 Section 26 . I see an Abstract Name A-3827 and a name (no date). Near this I see API No: 38931821 Description: Core test Well No: R38 Depth 0.

The name is not our Company… I think it was a survey by this person. Regards Mavis Palmer


Hi TennisDaze, I spoke to a very nice young man in the mapping department of the Texas General Land Office. He took all my particulars and will get someone from the Leasing Office to call me. At least after I have spoken to them it will give me a clearer picture. I was able to navigate the General Land Office site and found the first lot 10+ although the Abstract was not our company on there.

I will keep you posted (It took me a long time to figure the maps out)

Regards Mavis