Oil Exports Hit 1 Million Barrels, Opening Door For West Texas Producers


Thanks Clint...wonder if you or anyone else could comment on whether or not this information could potentially affect the value of mineral rights in West Texas Permian Basin?

Thanks! Nancy.

Hello Nancy,

As the demand grows overseas in(Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe) it will affect the price of oil and will naturally drive up the price of mineral rights. My opinion is that the oil embargo should have been lifted several years ago. I see no reason why we shouldn't share our resources with the rest of the world. More drilling will put more Americans back to work. Another good thing is all the natural gas that is being shipped overseas...hopefully that will put the natural gas rigs back to work also....



Clint Liles

Thank you for the information, Clint...Guess lots of us might want to ride it out for awhile and not be in a hurry to sell our mineral rights. Hope your carpel tunnel is much better...good to see you typing and sharing your knowledge with us all. Nancy.

Haven't had surgery yet....Wife is still in the hospital. I'll have to put up with the pain a while longer...she comes first.

Clint Liles


My sister has carpel tunnel flareups from time to time and she bought a wrist brace specifically designed for that problem and it helps her quite a lot. If you don't have one already, you can find them at the pharmacy in lots of stores. Nancy

I've had a wrist brace for about 4 years and it got to the point it didn't help. It made my pain worse.

Clint Liles

Thank you Clint for the great article. Hoping that The new drilling in Borden County will find the same amount of oil and gas that they have found in Howard County. I really think the new drilling surge will happen during the Trump era of being POTUS. I hope your surgery is a success and again thank you for all your service to this forum.