Oil drilling operations


How do I know if an oil company has actually started drilling a well. I live out of state from my minerals.


You have a few options…You can call the company directly and ask. Alternatively, you can check with the regulating government body for oil and gas in that state (Railroad Commission in Texas, Oil Conservation Division in New Mexico, etc.) Generally, a drilling permit will be required for a new drill, and would be found on the regulatory website. If a well has been drilled, you should find well logs, depths, etc. which is strong evidence that a well has been drilled. If production occurs, the operator is required to submit information about the type of mineral produced (oil, gas, etc) and the volume of production (Barrels oil or MCF gas). Keep in mind that production details generally lag about 3 or 4 months, so that information probably won’t be up to date.


On the permit to drill it said operations to start ASAP June 1st. Does that mean to start the pad??


Thanks for the help!!!


Technically, operations could mean could mean any number of things. Honestly that’s humorous- I’ve never seen ASAP on a drilling application before. I would call the company and tell them who you are and ask what the status of the well is. If they know you’re a mineral owner under that well, they should have no problem updating you.


Sorry Permit to Drill not application.


Make sure your current address is updated with Reeves County. I had moved and they were sending information to my old address. The first clue I had was I was sent a W9 to fill out for tax information.