Oil drilling on my property

Looking at section 34 block 27 in Howard county last time I was through it looked like Howard County was pretty busy. Just trying to figure out how to see if they are actually drilling on my land

Hello Michael…I see 2 old permitted locations from 2014 in Section 34/API 227-38198 & 38200 that were never drilled////// I also see 2 permitted locations next door to the West(Section 35)/6,000’ horizontal Sprayberry wells/with 2 mile plus horizontal legs/wells are API 227-40351 and 40388…40351 was spud(begin drilling)9-12-2019…40388 spud on 9-27-2019. I see no activity on Section 34


GIS Map of Howard County Section 34/Block 27:


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Thank you so much for your reply…just trying to figure out if there is any chance of drilling in this area

Howard was very hot for drilling and mineral buying from 2017-2018. Then, the play boundaries became well defined and additional exploration dropped of significantly, especially to the east where the geology gets faulty. Given those old, expired permits from 2014 are the only indication of recent activity near your minerals, I would say the chances your minerals will be developed in the near future are very minimal.

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